Praying for the Biological Mother // Jo Ann & Wayne Kalama

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Praying for the Biological Mother // Jo Ann & Wayne Kalama

Episode 1

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One of the first things we decided before we got married was that we would pray for his first wife – for her happiness and wellbeing. And we did that faithfully in our daily prayers. I think that helped soften our hearts and it brought the Savior’s love into our marriage.

Show Notes:

Jo Anne and Wayne Kalama have been blending their family for 28 years. Jo Anne didn’t ever have any biological children of her own though she had always dreamed of having 12 kids. She was an estate lawyer and Wayne worked for Disney. Now as empty nesters, they share about the impact that praying for Wayne’s former spouse had on their marriage and family.

3:41 – Afraid of Failing Again

6:39, 21:11 – Praying for the Previous Spouse

10:07 – Mothering, Smothering & Choosing Your Battles

12:35 – Gifts & Talents

15:04 – Extended Family Support

18:55 – One Definition of a Blended Family

23:56 – Look Ahead & Trusting

25:28 – About Temple Sealings

27:28 – Don’t Demand Love

28:02 – To the Children & Grandchildren

29:22 – Better With Current Spouse


Lindsey: I have known Joanne and Wayne Kalama for about three years. They are the kind of people who throw open their door and allow you into their home and into their lives. One thing to keep in mind is that the Kalamas have been doing this for a while. They are, empty nesters, retired and now have grandkids. As you settle in to listen to this podcast, keep in mind that they have had more time to work out the kinks and be able to figure out what worked best for their family.

There is no one cookie cutter situation that we can say, okay, this is how we do it. Start to finish. Because every person and every situation is so unique. The outcomes are going to look different and the journey is going to look different too.

But I know that you’re going to find value in this interview. And I look forward for you to be able to find those little treasures that you can pull out from it and apply to your own family.

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