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Sharing Your Child // Toni Allman Part 2

Episode 5

 Your efforts don’t go unnoticed and they probably will never be applauded and they will probably never get the credit that they deserve. But you do more good than you probably realize. If I could say anything, I admire you for what you do.

-Toni Allman

Show Notes:

Summary + Minute Moments


Have you ever wondered what it is like for the biological mom to have to share her child(ren) with you? In Part 2 of my interview with Toni Allman, we dive into this. It’s a different perspective that we stepmoms need. It is a sensitive and tender topic and I am so grateful for Toni’s honesty and insightfulness.



2:05 Acts of Kindness

4:28 Acts of Anger

8:44 Transition Day Difficulties

12:13 Pain We Inflict

15:21 Working Together

19:48 A Christlike Example

21:41 Empathy

23:30 To My Children

26:03 To The Stepmom

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