It is possible to have peace,
purpose and power as a stepmom.

Being a stepmom is next level hard. We face so many walls. Conflict. Parental Alienation. Undefined purpose and place in the family. Feeling a lack of control. Court battles. Poor mental health. Anger. Grief. Misunderstandings. Failed plans. Whether you see the kids everyday or almost never, it comes with difficulties. These are a few of the very real walls we face. But, there is a way over, under, around and through them.

I know why feeling at peace can seem impossible.

Constant Conflict

Conflict with your spouse, your previous spouse, the children’s biological mom, the stepkids, your kids. Inner Conflict – anger, bitterness, sadness, hurt, and guilt.


Little Control

A lot was probably decided before you joined the family. Visitation schedules, rules, traditions, expectations, vacations and on and on. It can feel like everyone else is making all the decisions.


Role Confusion

You are fulfilling a vital role but there are invisible lines drawn. Do too much, you step on toes. Do too little, you are selfish. What is your place and purpose?

I have answers for you.


The Podcast

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The Blog

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The eBook

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The Course

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I understand because I’ve been where you are.

Darkness & Anger

Everything just kept piling up and I started spiraling down.

The accusations, the loss of control, the grief, the hurt, the loyalty issues, the worry.

I was crazy about my husband and his kids but some of what came with that was making me crazy.

I felt dark. Angry. Sad. Bitter. Stuck.

I obsessed over the small and the big things. When something negative happened, it would play on repeat over and over in my mind.

It all felt so heavy. I felt dark and didn’t like who I was becoming.

Learning & Applying

I knew that there had to be more.

I knew I’d made the right choice but I needed a fresh perspective and change.

I went back to school and began working on a Masters of Family Science, focused on stepfamily dynamics. I loved what I was learning. But I knew components were missing.

I recognized the need to connect what I was learning with the teachings of the restored gospel of Jesus Christ. And as I did so, things began changing for the better.

I started to slowly discover my peace, purpose, and power.

Light & Peace

There can be peace, even when things are hard.

Understanding the divine and noble nature of this calling impacts every aspect of this sacred role of stepmotherhood. That impact remains whether we are with the kids daily or next to never.

We have been endowed with God’s power.

Learning about and accessing that power increases our influence and strengthens our voice.

Happiness, peace, purpose and power are possible within stepmotherhood and that changes everything.

Where to find me:


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Let’s Work Together

The Growing Within Stepmotherhood Course

It is possible to stop shrinking and start growing.

eBook: The Divine Role of a Stepmom

How this product can benefit them. What good things will they have more of or bad things will they have less of.

Peace Is Possible

Stepmotherhood is hard. But there is so much light and goodness that can be found within the hard.

I promise that there is more. More happiness, more peace, more purpose and more power is available to you.

There is a God centered, grace filled, gospel based approach.

The doctrines and principles found within the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day saints are the springboard.

Even if no one else changes.

You have more power and control than you realize and I can’t wait for you to tap into it.

Peace IS possible.

Increase Your Peace TODAY.

Discover the Power of Questions in Stepmotherhood

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